Attention Northern San Francisco Area Restaurants
Including Napa, Santa Rosa, and Concord


Need Kitchen Oil Recycling and Disposal?


We pickup restaurant grease for recycling.

New Central Valley Service Areas
Including Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento &  Merced


Kitchen Oil Recycling

Your kitchen oil will be recycled into domestically used biofuels such as feed for farm animals or gasoline.  Make your contribution to a greener world by allowing us to pick up your used kitchen oil from containers we provide.

Our trucks are clean, just as we like to keep our containers clean at your restaurant’s site.  We are reliable, we keep to our schedule and there’s no oily mess.

Serving the San Francisco Area

Including Concord, Napa, and Santa Rosa


What type of oil can I recycle?

Used kitchen oils such as vegetable oil and animal fats can all be recycled.

Some examples include:

  • The oil you used to saute foods
  • The oil at the bottom of a jar of olives, jar or artichokes, or canned fish in oil
  • The animal fat and drippings left in the pan after roasting or baking meat
  • The oil from your deep-fat fryer

We focus on kitchen oil recycling. We do NOT recycle engine, hydraulic, or fossil fuel oil.  Please do NOT include any water or stock.

Grease Lightning is an industry leader when it comes to kitchen oil recycling.  The benefits to reliable waste oil management services allow busy food service managers and restaurant owners to offload time consuming and labor intensive tasks for their staff. Our customers appreciate friendly and dependable service from a locally owned and operated company.

We pick up used kitchen oil from South of San Francisco to Concord, Santa Rita, and Napa areas.  We have expanded now to Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, and Merced areas.

We provide our customers with free, ongoing disposal and recycling of waste kitchen oil.  We can pickup on a schedule or for an emergency, we come when called.  That’s why our customers appreciate us – we are clean, efficient, and prompt.

Serving the Central Valley Area

Including Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, Merced