About Us

Our Business is Oil Recycling

Nick Stavroulakis, founder of Grease Lightning, comes from generations of used oil recycling experience.  His grandfather began his recycling business in 1945 which passed to his father in 1965.  Originally serving the San Francisco restaurants, Grease Lightning is doing kitchen oil recycling for restaurants up through Concord, Santa Rita, and Napa.

For seven years, Nick worked in an oil processing plant which processed oil and refined into animal feeds.  After many years of experience, Nick started Grease Lightning in 2003.

The philosophy behind our business is our vow to treat employees, customers and business partners with nothing but the utmost respect.  Treating others as we want to be treated extends into the way we do business.

Our customers know that we will always strive to provide great oil recycling services to them by

  • providing new used oil containers every two years
  • keeping the oil container area clean
  • picking up the used oil when scheduled to
  • being there in an emergency if needed
  • treating them with courtesy and respect