Some people have trouble remembering or don’t realize that they can recycle used kitchen oil, and that there are several significant benefits of recycling kitchen oil.

First, used kitchen cooking oil can be recycled and used as renewable energy.  Instead of the more than 2.5 billion gallons of oil that is produced by our kitchens across the country that are clogging drains and sewer pipes when poured down sinks, this used oil can be converted into biodiesel through innovative technology when recycled..  Biodiesel fuel can power machines and even vehicles.

Second, it is unfortunate that many households, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals are still disposing of used cooking oil by dumping it down a kitchen drain.  Many incorrectly believe that this is a safe disposal method as this is the way water is disposed of.  They know that the drains lead to a sewage treatment plant.  However, they do not realize that the properties of oil and water differ greatly.

As soon as the temperature is lowered, used kitchen oil solidifies into chunks.  This means that the inner sides of the drain pipe get coated with solid oil, eventually getting plugged up.  When the kitchen drain stops draining, a plumber will need to be called to make repairs.  This can be quite costly.  In addition, if a sewage pipe along the street gets clogged, it will start spewing its contents.  The public gets exposed to disease causing bacteria as well as bad odors.

The costs of cleanup of these problems can be lowered significantly by recycling used kitchen oil.

Third, as biodiesel production grows and more businesses embrace the use of biodiesel, the implementation of the use of recycled oil would create many jobs. Engineering, information technology, sales, accounting, and many other business jobs will be opened up by the increased use of biodiesel in new areas.

Fourth, because biodiesel is a clean fuel and less harmful to the environment, its use will result in the decline of greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles and other industries by 90% or more.  The greenhouse gasses, which include methane and carbon dioxide, have affected the ozone layer that in turn reduces the protection of our world.  The ozone layer has been compromised and no longer is as protective against harmful UV rays as it was.  In summary, greenhouse gases emitted from modern transportation systems have contributed to the increase in global temperatures, therefore, recycling of oil to produce biodiesel would help protect our environment.

Finally, the amount of fossil fuel currently being used to power vehicles and machines is declining.  As we run out of fossil fuel, biodiesel fuel will become more of a necessity.

In conclusion, the benefits of recycling kitchen oil are a great inducement to recycle used cooking oil.  Call us to pick up your oil free!