Grease Lightning does it cleaner with clean recycling trucks.

Grease Lightning primarily focuses on picking up used kitchen oil from commercial facilities and restaurants in San Francisco for recycling. Owner Nick Stavroulakis’ family has been in the recycling business since 1945. Nick understands what is important in running his business.

Nick believes one of the most important items in comparing Grease Lightning to its competitors is the cleanliness of his business.

Oil is a naturally messy fluid that can create not only environmental harm but at an immediate level, a mess on your property.

That is why Grease Lightning has very clean recycling trucks which are always kept clean and spotless, and their used kitchen oil containers are replaced every two years.

When Grease Lightning picks up used kitchen oil, care is always taken to keeping the oil container area clean. Nothing becomes filthier than spilled oil that is left on the ground to spread and collect dirt. The mixture of oil and dirt becomes a potentially slippery, sticky area of almost impossible to clean filth. Stepped on, it sticks to the bottom of shoes, further creating mess as the oil is then carried to other areas of the business.

This is why Grease Lightning makes such an effort to keep their trucks spotless and to make sure that the customer’s used kitchen oil container is replaced regularly. Schedules are adhered to in order to avoid overflow of containers.

In any emergency, such as spillage, Grease Lightning will be there.

Utilizing a conscientious business such as Grease Lightning will minimize or even totally eliminate one more headache that you don’t need. If you want a recycling business to pick up your used kitchen oil that will prevent a dirty, oily mess, call us at (209) 552-9091.