Grease Lightning and its owner, Nick Stavroulakis, are committed to providing efficient and clean service for your business’ used kitchen oil recycling needs.  We serve the San Francisco area’s restaurants including surrounding areas from Napa, Santa Rosa and throughout Concord.  Recently, we have extended our service areas for used oil pickup to the Central Valley including the cities of Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, and Merced.

Before we travel our route to pick up used kitchen oil to be recycled, we first ensure that our trucks are in tip-top shape, clean and spotless from oil drippings and waste.  It is a symbol of the way we believe our services should be provided: with cleanliness, promptness, and reliability.

Our client restaurants are not charged for having their used kitchen oil removed and picked up for recycling.  We provide that service for free.  We make our income through the sale of the old, used kitchen oil to recycling plants.

Nick’s family has been in the oil recycling industry for three generation, and he understands exactly how beneficial and useful the service he provides is, both in the conservation of our environment and our resources.

Trust us with your used kitchen oil and contribute to the betterment of our world.

Thank you!  Call (209) 552-9091 now for used oil pickup service!