FREE Used Oil Pickup

Grease Lightning has been practicing sustainability for three generations by collecting used cooking oil from food service establishments.  We have been traditionally recycling the used cooking oil into a nutritional additive to animal feed.  More recently, we have been using the used cooking oil for renewable energy.  Recycling is what Grease Lightning has always been about.  With our dedication to team work and our unparalleled service, making us a part of your team is the easiest way to go green.

Cooking Oil Removal

Used Oil Containers Provided

Grease Lightning cooking oil removal service is the best option for disposing of used cooking oil.  Grease Lightning experts remove the used cooking oil from your facilities and transport it safely and legally away.  Our basic service collects your used cooking oil from an outside corral using either a barrel or bulk container on a schedule that meets your needs.  Our trained technicians reduce spillage to keep your corrals neat and clean.

Used Oil Collection Containers

Safe and Secure Handling

These standard grease bins are safe and secure for handling restaurant grease collection, used motor oil collection as well as many other uses.

• 14 GA steel construction. No plastic fire hazard
• Hinged steel lid for secure containment and easy access
• Lockable grate for safety and theft prevention
• Lock housing cover for added security
• Full inseam weld (watertight)
• Every unit is hydro static tested for leaks
• Exterior (including bottom) painted with primer and your choice of standard color with alkyd
enamel paint. Some colors may be extra. Stock color is black
• 2 – 7 GA steel skids at bottom for stability
• Standard one year parts and labor warranty
• Available in 89, 134, 209 & 314 gallon


Join Other San Francisco Restaurants Going Green

We service the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area, Concord, Napa, Santa Rosa and surrounding regions’ restaurants.  Providing our San Fransciso restaurants with commercial used oil collection bins and free used oil pickup for recycling is our contribution to the cycle of going green.

Everyone wins, the earth and energy security for the future.  It all starts with our San Francisco restaurants, including Concord, Santa Rosa and Napa areas, making the contribution of their waste oil for recycling.  Our company, Grease Lighting, picks up the oil regularly and delivers it to the recycling plants.  In turn, the recycling plants convert the waste oil into renewable fuel that powers the entire area.  This operation supports growing businesses run by local people who employ other people.

In addition to these benefits of oil recycling, it also provides fuel for grease-burning engines and boilers or feedstock for Biodiesel production.  Carbon Dioxide emissions as well as foreign oil dependence are thereby reduced,.

Recycling used oil turns waste into something positive.  Join the team today, call (209) 552-9091 for FREE pickup now!

New Central Valley Restaurants Also Going Green

Our recent expansion of kitchen oil recycling and pickup now extends to restaurants in Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, and Merced.  Providing our Central Valley restaurants with free commercial used oil collection bins and  used oil pickup for recycling continues our contribution to going green.

Recycling used kitchen oil is the first step towards helping our communities go green. Since we now collect for free in our Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, and Merced restaurants, including all surrounding cities, we are helping to contribute to these communities by picking up their waste oil for recycling.  Grease Lighting delivers used oil regularly on a schedule for delivery to the recycling plants.  This renewable fuel will power the entire area.

ATTENTION RESTAURANTS OF MODESTO, STOCKTON, SACRAMENTO AND MERCED, Recycling used oil turns waste into something positive.  Join the team today, call (209) 552-9091 for FREE pickup now!